PLATFORM PRO-1530-1318

Working safely at the appropriate height at the side of the helicopter, with plenty of room, electrical and pneumatic power supplies and all your tools nearby is just PRODUCTIVE.

Our design team has collated straight from the workshop floor every need that a working team experience during regular maintenance stops and converted them into the most versatile work platform on the market today.

The PRO is a durable lightweight height-adjustable platform designed for light and medium helicopter types, with either landing gear or skids.

Versatility, simplicity & strength all in one.

  • Aerospace aluminium alloy
  • 4.5 m2 of anti-slip surface
  • Handrail and padding protection
  • Auto-levelled anti-slip steps
  • Height adjustable from 130 to 180 cm
  • 15 m of pneumatic hose
  • Pneumatic power connections
  • 4x AC Electrical power connections
  • Remote control
  • Multi-purpose work desk
  • Max load of 450Kg
  • NFC Connection
  • AC and Pneumatic supply connections
  • Great stability
  • Perfectly adaptable to helicopter with skids
  • Wheels with safety brake
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